Emarket Community The Emarket Community is a platform that helps farmers to trade directly to their target market at the comfort t of their own farms. A digital tool and platform that reduces the traditional dependence of middlemen by linking farmers with buyers/markets and providing them access to other services, transportation to deliver their produce at the push of a button



Through this platform Farmers are able to Sell their Produce by uploading and listing their Commodities Online on the Open-Market, for the Large Market to see current and available products that are being sold. Farmers are also able to Buy their Farming resources directly from suppliers.




Farmers will request this service when they would like to move a Large quantity of commodities from the Farms to Storage or Cold rooms, Customers can also request this service for delivery of their Purchased products, or will confirm with us if they would like to come collect.




Customers will use this Secured Platform to make Payments of their Purchases.



We will use this Platform to send back relevant information about Plantation, Farming Tips, Climate change, Fertilizing, and Seasonal calendars to Farmers.